Crystal channeling to extract a high energy hadron beam from an accelerator


✬ Oct 2017 - Smart Absorber installed on the H8 beam line at CERN

✬ Jul 2017 - first data with a Smart Absorber prototype at CERN H4 beam line

✬ Nov 2016 - Cherenkov screen used to see a proton beam extracted with a silicon crystal from SPS.

✬ Sep 2016 First results on CRYSBEAM long crystal presented at Channeling 2016

✬ Jun 2016 Cherenkov detector for extract beam measurement installed at CERN SPS

✬ May 2016 F.Iacoangeli invited at Makers Town in Brussels to present the ArduSiPM

✬ Apr 2016 Cherenkov detector test at INFN BTF

✬ Mar 2016 E.Bagli and L.Bandiera win Premio SAPIO for their research with bent crystals

✬ Mar 2016 Detectors for beam monitoring developed by F.Iacoangeli become user friendly for the vast public

    CERN - Crystals channel high-energy beams in the LHC

✬ Oct 2015 L’INFN alla maker faire con i rivelatori fai da te.

✬ Oct 2015 Successful test of a Cherenkov screen prototype at INFN LNF BTF.

✬ Aug 2015 First test of small bending crystals at the LHC beam.

✬ Apr 2015 Test of TPC-GEM for track reconstruction from carbon target at Frascati BTF.

✬ Apr 2015 Apr-May 2015 Tests of first long CRYSBEAM silicon crystal with 400 GeV at H8 CERN.

✬ Apr 2015 First tests of micro-machined Cherenkov screen prototype at Frascati Beam test facility.

✬ Feb 2015 Test of Cherenkov fused silica radiator with Ar ion at H8 CERN.

✬ Fall 2014 - CRYSBEAM general meeting a INFN Ferrara, 30 Gennaio.

✬ Fall 2014 - CRYSBEAM team is taking part to crystal testing campaign at H8 CERN.

✬ Nov 17 AFTER@LHC workshop at CERN on physics with extracted beam.

✬ CRYSBEAM general meeting dal 12 al 13 Giugno, Roma.