Crystal channeling to extract a high energy hadron beam from an accelerator


✬ Jan 2019 Results of the long crystals performances being built for the LHC applications were presented at the CERN Physics Beyond Colliders workshop

✬ Nov 2018 Crystals build by the CRYSBEAM’s team were used as collimators during LHC operation.

✬ Oct 2018 The performance of bent crystals prepared by the CRYSBEAM’s team were presented at the workshop on crystal collimation organised by the HL-LHC project at CERN

✬ Oct 2018 The CRYSBEAM team is testing a 15 mrad bending angle silicon crystal at H8 beam line in collaboration with the SELDOM group.

✬ Aug-Sep 2018 The smart absorber of CRYSBEAM is being used during a two week long data-taking at the H2 beam to detect muons.

✬ July 2018 The Smart absorber of CRYSBEAM is being tested with hadrons and muons at the H8 beam line of CERN for a week.

✬ Feb 2018 In view of the update of the European Strategy update for Future accelerators, INFN is reviewing all the activity related to coherent interaction phenomena in crystals and their use for beam manipulation and radiation production